Hempire – An Exciting Auction Game!

Tapps Games created the best strategy-based game of these days named Hempire. It is present there for both IOS and Android users. The size of the game is almost 104 MB, and payers simply get it by downloading it’s from their respective game stores.
It contains ads by which players earn currency and rewards via watching them. Also, the game deals in an in-app purchases feature. Not only is the single feature, but it contains lots of another classic feature also which are described below –
1.       More than over 100 different types of items present in Hempire.
2.       Various types of deals to choose and make with your opponents.
3.       It contains in-app products from INR 65 from INR 2950 every single item.
So, these are also some main and attractive features of Hempire, which make it stunning and top-class strategy based game among all others.


New things added to Hempire

There are numerous new things present that are added in Hempire. It is vital for the users to learn all the essential things which are present in the game and some things are mentioned below –
1.       Players are provided with a new city in which they get almost new auctions and more than over 40 classic items.
2.       All the bugs are fixed in Hempire Cheats to run it smoothly in the game.
3.       Regular updates in the game are provided to the players by which they simply get lots of new stuff while playing.
All these things make Hempire classic and interesting in playing. Also, gamers get lots of new items every time in auction. They have to become the richest tycoon in the game by earning more and more profit. Another fine thing for them is that they simply make use of hacks and cheats to get everything.